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Simplified & User-centric

AI & Automation Powered 

Unified Endpoint Management

& Security Platform

  • Leverage our Comprehensive Independent Platform

  • Incorporate into your existing MDM systems

  • Achieve 70% efficiency in IT operations through automation

  • Reduce licensing expenses by half or more


to replace them all.

10 is the only solution that fully integrated different applications on a single platform

Enhanced MDM & AutoPilot   |   Configuration Management  |   Asset Management 

Patch Management   |  Application Management   |  Modern OEM Driver Management

Security & Compliance   |   Remote Desktop & Remote Shell   |   Robust Reporting

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Revolutionizing Endpoint Management & Security, while Reducing Workload by 70% and Cutting Licensing Costs by 50%

Endpoint Management and Security currently heavily rely on manual interventions and expertise. Skilled individuals perform labor-intensive tasks to ensure endpoint operations and security.

Endpoint Engineering teams manage multiple separate solutions, incurring high costs for each tool. However, this approach has limitations and inefficiencies.

In response to these challenges, is revolutionizing endpoint management and security. By applying automation and cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence, has reduced IT endpoint management and security workloads by 70%.


This is achieved by adding automation in the heart of each module and bundling all necessary tools into a single SaaS solution, including Enhanced MDM & Configuration Manager, Asset and Patch Management, Driver Management, CIS Benchmark and Group Policy management, Remote Desktop and Remote Shell access, and various other features. This consolidation allows teams to eliminate siloed tools, reduce licensing by up to 50%, and their maintenance costs, and focus on more strategic areas.

Furthermore, empowers end-users through self-service portal and self-healing capabilities. This enables users to become self-sufficient, reducing their reliance on IT support and significantly decreasing the number of support tickets.

This transformative approach is reshaping endpoint management, ushering in a new era of streamlined operations and an enhanced end-user experience.

ZeroTouch modern over the air provisioning
ZeroTouch Provisioning simplifies the way devices get deployed, reset, and re-purposed, with an experience that is zero touch for IT. Users will love it.
User-driven deployment
Organizations still use decades-old processes to set up new PCs. They build images, gather drivers, and stand up complex infrastructure all to replace Windows installation on new PCs with standard corporate image. By Using Modern ZeroTouch provisioning you can significantly simplify Windows deployment.
Within minutes the device is fully configured with all of your company applications, policies, and configurations that are fully user-driven out of the box without a visit to IT. Now that’s Efficiency!
Application Management
Save time and fully automate third-party application updates & patching by choosing from our library of thousands of prepackaged Applications by selecting "Auto Update." 
You can also upload and deploy custom applications, scripts, and chocolaty packages and even deploy Windows Store modern apps fully integrated with Microsoft Store for Business.
Supports any app flavor
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Limitless Policies and Configurations
Choose from the largest library of pre-made profiles & configurations (known as GPO in legacy tools) to customize the way your organization defines security and productivity.
Everything from Wi-Fi profiles, BIOS customization, and Personalization to custom policies are ready-made for you.
Provisioning Orchestration
The crown jewel of our product is the Execution Flow “Orchestration”. With a quick drag and drop, you can design your desired sequence of Apps, policies, and scripts which will result in ZeroTouch deployment. There is no other tool like it.
Self Service Software Center
Software Center is installed on every managed endpoint and allows your IT department to deliver software updates, patches, and security policies to all computers that are connected to the network, simultaneously. Software Center requires very little interaction from a user perspective. IT has full capability to make applications, patches, self-service automation scripts, and much more available to end users and empower them to have access to company approved apps and automation on demand without opening tickets and waiting for IT. 
Modern Management on the GO!
With our state-of-the-art and modern interface, administrators can easily perform thousands of complex tasks! From applications, drivers, and patch management, to modern provisioning (image) configuration; all can be completed on the GO from any mobile device.

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