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to replace them all.

Unified Endpoint Management and Security 

platform with all the features IT use and love build in a single solution


  • Procure siloed and expensive multi-vendor tools

  • Hire experts to build time-consuming integrations

  • Switch between different tools to perform tasks manually

  • Write complex scripts & and automation to perform basic tasks

  • Multiple sources of truth segregated between numerous tools

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Industry-Leading End to End (UEM) Solution with the Largest Set of Endpoint Management and Security Tools

Enhanced Modern MDM


Zero Infrastructure to maintain (SaaS)

Enhanced AutoPilot Out-of-Box New Device Provisioning

Drag and Drop Orchestrated provisioning builder

Intuitive user interface with Failsafe during out-of-box Provisioning

Zero binary, tap into vendor global data centers, and load balancers

Configuration Management

Pre-build & custom Application deployment

OEM Modern Driver Management & Policies

Built-in Registry editor

Software, Hardware, Patch (OS & 3rd Party App), Security discovery

Built-in Task Scheduler for Apps, Scripts, Policies, Patching

Printer Management & Software Metering

OS & Apps Patch Management

Automated or Manual Windows Endpoint & Server OS Patch Management

Over 4500 3rd party Apps with Automated Patching and upgrade

Automated OEM Driver installation during and after the device enrollment

On-demand or policy base installation of CVE & KBs

Patch Management Scheduler

Remote Tools & Management

Cloud File Explorer.webp

Built-in Remote Desktop, allowing IT to remotely assist customers on-demand

Remote Shell: Allowing IT and Security team to perform stealth tasks without user interaction

Advance Remote Commands (Run native cmd and PowerShell Commands)

Cloud File Explorer: Remotely access the device's file/folder, copy locally or to attached cloud storage

Security, Compliance & Reporting

Cloud Group Policies (1000s of pre-build for Endpoint, Browsers & Servers)

CIS Benchmark (1000s of pre-build for Endpoint, Browsers & Servers)

System vulnerability Dashboard with One-click Remediation

Endpoint, Server & Browser Baseline & System Hardening Policies

Device Encryption and local Admin Password management

ZeroTrust (MFA & Password less) during & after enrollment

Asset lifecycle Management

Multi-vendor Endpoint, Server, Network & other hardware asset tracking

OEM, MSP & and VAR integrations for Asset Lifecycle Tracking

Bulk Data Import / Export

API Access

100s of Integration with ticketing and other solutions

Automated Alerts, Audit & Compliance

ZeroTouch MDM+
         ZeroTouch Provides two versions of the software. Full MDM+ solution with Autopilot; and ZeroTouch Intune add-on. Checkout the below list of highlighted features we provide in a modern SaaS solution.
Zerotouch MDM+ and Cloud-based Configuration Manager):
          Our MDM+ solution provides full MDM solution, autopilot, over the air provisioning plus a build in configuration manager packed with 1000s of features missing from any other MDM solution. This SaaS solution is the last MDM+Configuration Manager you will ever need. 
ZIntune (Zerotouch Intune add-on):
      ZIntune allows you to use Intune as your MDM and autopilot solution that you have already implemented in our environment, and connect our modern cloud-based configuration manager packed with 1000s of features missing from Intune in few clicks and start managing your endpoints like a pro. 
     This solution brings the best of Intune and ZIntune (Zerotouch Intune add-on) to fully managed, automate, secure and self-heal your endpoints. 
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