Free Your Admins

Secure, Self-Heal, Automate & Simplify Your Operations with 

Zerotouch Unified Endpoint Management (SaaS)

Features: (98%+ Security Compliance)

  • Cloud sequence base (Task Sequence) apps, policies, scripts provisioning

  • Fully customized enrollment delivered over the air

  • Built-in Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS) Management and key rotation

  • Built-in Bitlocker Management and key rotation

  • API-based Dell, HP, Lenovo, MS Surface warranty info

  • Device lock, wipe, reset, remote control

  • Automated 3rd party software patching

  • Automated policy base Windows OS patching

  • Automated policy base any vendor driver management

  • One click BIOS/ UEFI management

  • One click windows features installation

  • Software auto update per user or group

  • PowerShell script deployment from portal

  • Best and modern filters in your finger tips

  • Windows in place upgrade

  • Applocker, UAC, Defender, Firewall management

  • Event base self-heal, Desire State Configuration

  • And much more...

ZeroTouch MDM+
         ZeroTouch Provides two versions of the software. Full MDM+ solution with Autopilot; and ZeroTouch Intune add-on. Checkout the below list of highlighted features we provide in a modern SaaS solution.
Zerotouch MDM+ and Cloud-based Configuration Manager):
          Our MDM+ solution provides full MDM solution, autopilot, over the air provisioning plus a build in configuration manager packed with 1000s of features missing from any other MDM solution. This SaaS solution is the last MDM+Configuration Manager you will ever need. 
ZIntune (Zerotouch Intune add-on):
      ZIntune allows you to use Intune as your MDM and autopilot solution that you have already implemented in our environment, and connect our modern cloud-based configuration manager packed with 1000s of features missing from Intune in few clicks and start managing your endpoints like a pro. 
     This solution brings the best of Intune and ZIntune (Zerotouch Intune add-on) to fully managed, automate, secure and self-heal your endpoints. 

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